The Best Day of my Life

The happiest day of my life started at five a.m. on my husband’s 36th birthday. The due date had come and gone and we had been waiting with eager anticipation for nine days and nine nights. Finally it started; our baby was coming today and was going to share a birthday with her daddy. The contractions started five minutes apart, much faster than we had expected. My husband promptly went out onto our porch to throw up, while I called the doctor. We paced around our house for a little while not knowing what to do with ourselves, but trying to do something. Every few minutes we would stop and I would hold him until the contraction went away. Our bags had been packed and waiting and we gathered the rest of the things we were going to bring to the hospital with us, except for all of the things we forgot. Not much later the two of us headed off to the hospital, knowing that when we came home we would be three. The car ride was not long, but it seemed to me to take forever. Every red light felt like it lasted for an eternity, and I squirmed around in the back seat desperate to get out of the car. We were overjoyed, and I remember being happy all day. For the first ten hours I breathed, slowly, in and out. I immersed myself in the hot water of the large tub and tried to relax. The midwife dimmed the lights and hung a string of white Christmas lights up through the bathroom. I liked the Christmas feeling; the excitement and anticipation made it feel a lot like Christmas. I stayed calm and happy. I remembered all of the stories I had heard about women in labor yelling at everyone and cursing their husbands, I felt no desire to yell at all. Time went by faster than I thought possible. There was no clock in the room and every time I asked my husband what time it was I was amazed those hours could fly by so quickly. The nurse and the midwife came in periodically to check on me and offer to sit with me, but I had no interest in them. I only wanted the man that I love and the hot water of the tub. I had never before liked ice chips and haven’t since, but on that day they were my favorite thing. Ice chips and back rubs in the bathtub, I felt completely at peace. The last few hours were by far the hardest. I had to get out of the tub and that was probably the closest I came to feeling angry all day. It helped to know that soon I would have a baby. I was finally getting tired and I made my husband promise me over and over again that if I kept going I would get to see my baby. With the last push I felt a surge of energy and my baby was placed on my chest. Suddenly all of the pain vanished from my mind and I was overwhelmed with joy. The baby boy that we thought we were going to have was here, and was in fact a beautiful little baby girl. After cutting the cord and holding our baby my husband went out to ask my mother if she would like to come meet her granddaughter. As I held my daughter and looked into her beautiful little eyes I knew that I could never be happier then I was at that moment. I was wrong though, every day since my daughter’s birth has been even better then the last, and the happiest day of my life hasn’t ended yet.