2nd Times a Charm…. Hopefully

I concieved my son Jacob when i was 19. Long story short a had a no big problems during my pregnancy it was smooth sailing. I was given the due date of 3/23/2010. On 3/22 i went in for my regular check up and my doctor told me i was 1 cm dialated and he was willing to induce if i wanted to, he was going out of town a few days later and i wanted him to deliver my son so i agreed. Went home and told my husband we were to be at the hospital at 3 am the following morning to have a baby. We were so excited. This was my first, my husbands 2nd (daughter from a previous relationship) So we call my husbands mom and stepdad they live about 6-7 hours away and told them to head down tomorrow!! Well at 3 am i come in and get checked still at 1cm. We fill out tons of paperwork and i get hooked to the moniters and piticion drip. Time goes by so slow and contactions start, not to bad but tolerable. So that went on until about 8 am my doctor came in to check me, by that time i was still feeling pretty good. Very little progress about 2 cm now. Discouraged i continued on. Really this is all really a blur to me. The hours ticked by and family came and went.  A few times maybe 3 times pain got so bad they gave me fetynal (sp?). Which helped the pain greatly, but every time i took something for the pain my contractions would come to a standstill and stop. So finally i was checked again still about 2-3 during a contraction. Anyway doctor comes in about 630pm and says sorry i can make you contract but i cant make you dialate. I cried so hard. Got sent home, without having my baby boy.

A week passes and and 41 week check up comes and i get checked i am still about 2 cm. And doctor wants to go ahead and try another induction, he thought baby would be big.  So for the second time we head to the hospital at 3 am for induction # 2. Once again paperwork, piticon and moniters  and pain…… Got pain relief again once or twice but once again when i got pain relief contractions stopped.This went on from about 4 am till about 2pm off and on finally i said “ok No more meds” I labored without any pain meds and got checked about 5pm and was about 4 cm. Finally i was begging for the epidural. From the pain and i also figured if i had the epi they wouldn’t send me home again. After much debate they figured i would be able to labor easier and progress quicker with the epidural. So YAY epi took great completely numb and no pain. They let me labor, well i napped, they came in and checked me at 5 am i was about 5-6cm (so disappointing) and they broke my water. So finally the end is in sight. Tried to get some rest and was checked again about 930am and i was at 10 and ready to push. They broke down the bed and we started with some practice pushes and they had to have me stop and they called the doctor. He had to come from his office and got there about 10:05am and started pushing again and Jacob was born at 10:38am on 3/31/10. 7lb 14oz 21 inches long. I had no tears and it went smoothly. Baby was doing great and i was moved to a recovery room. Being a first time mom i didnt know who much blood is normal for you to lose but i asked the doctor and i began to pass large clots and was losing so much blood. All the sudden i was passing out and i had about 2 doctors and 4 nurses standing around me all pressing on my stomach trying to get my uterus to contract back. I was so upset all i wanted to do was hold my baby but i wasnt able to. They eventually got my bleeding to stop. And soon i was feeling much better. We were released from the hospital two days later with no complications. He is now 18 months old and will have a little sister next month. My due date is 11/25/11 and i am hoping everything goes easier than with him.