Taleahs birth story

I was 19 when I got pregnant my boyfriend (now husband) was 9 years older than me I let down alot of people and had to give up my carrier as a jockey after it had only just begun I had a very normal pregnancy until I was 39 weeks when at a check up it was discovered I had pre eclempsia I was admitted to hospital where they decided to induce me the next day. So at around 10 the next morning they gave me the gel that would induce me.

The hospital was very busy that day with a lot of woman giving birth they had no free birthing rooms so I was left on the ward and even tho my blood pressure was sky high I dont think they where in too much of a hurry for me to go into labour. So I spent the day waiting for the gel to work. I didnt seem to be showing any sign of going into labour but I spent the day with a feeling of needing to use the toilet for a number two but was too scared to go incase I pushed out the tape that had the gel on it.

Around 8 pm after sending my mum and boyfriend home because it looked like nothing was going to happen I started having tremendous pains. I pressed the buzzer to call the nurse to tell her I think Im in labour and her response was rubbish you are not and she left the room. Any way an hour later I was in so much pain and very scared all by myself that I was making a little bit of noise and being on the ward the nurse came back in and told me to be quiet as I was keeping the other patients on the ward awake. I asked her if I could phone my family to come in as I was in labour and she said no you are not in labour (didnt even check if I was dilating or any thing, she was probly thinking silly young girl knows nothing and they where so busy she would of thaught I had heaps of time before I woul actually give birth) She gave me a sleeping pill and told me to go have a bath and go to sleep. So I went and had a bath I struggled to get in and once in was in so much pain and struggled to get out there was no break between the pains and I was thinking if this isnt labour then I dont want to know what labour is.

Well at around 10 thirty -11 pm I was makining even more noise the nurse walked in and rolled me over ( I was trying to sleep like she had told me to with no luck) and gave me a shot of pethadine. I had not wanted any drugs or asked for it I was already drowsy from the sleeping pills and she just shoved it in my bum cheek. Any way at about 11 thirty pm I was still in great pain and unable to sleep and suddenly the feeling of needing to go toilet was really bad so I dragged myself out of my room down to the toilets where I tried to go toilet and pop my waters broke into the toilet and I still needed to push I realised what was happenining and dragged myself over to the nurses station and you should of seen their panicked faces they got me into a delivery room and at 12.04 am my baby girl was born at 3010 grams. I was too drugged to remember much after this except that I ripped really bad and after being moved back to the wards with my baby girl a nurse at some point in the morning woke me up and rushed me back into sugery as I was bleeding very heavy.

After repairing the internal tear I was put back on the ward with my baby. I needed a blood transfusion but refused to get one. I was tied down to the bed with a drip and cathetar and told not to get up because my blood pressure was still very high. I asked a nurse to change my sheets and she very rudely put passed me the sheets and told me to do them myself as she was too busy (they were very messy) So I changed them tied to a cathetar and drip. after 4 days I accepted I needed the blood transfusion and after getting one my blood pressure came down and two weeks later I got to go home with my beautiful baby girl Taleah Maddison.

I would go thru it all again as she is worth it all she is now a very active 5 year old about to start school. And even with all that trauma of her birth she was a perfect baby sleeping thru the nights.

Jasmine Joys birth

My first birth story was digusting with the care I recieved so with my second baby I was determined to be in control. I found a wonderful midwife who listened to every thing I had to say. my second pregnancy was uneventful until at 27 weeks when I went into early labour. Thankfully they put a stop to it and nothing else happened and I went into natural labour at 38 weeks, even tho I was terrified of going back to the same hospital it was the only one. This time all the staff were great and my mum and boyfriend where there and I was not on my own. the midwife coached me on when to push and I didnt tear and after 4 hours of drug free labour my second daughter Jasmine was born at 3019 grams and at 12.15 am. It was a lovely experience and Taleah claimed her little sister as hers the moment she saw her and 3 years later we are expecting number three also a girl and Im 30 weeks pregnant now.

I would just like to say dont let any one push you around I had a great second labour once I took control of my own body and made sure I was very well informed also enjoyed having a clear head second time round.