Bright Bule eyes

We cried tears of joy as I looked at Chris through to bathroom mirror. In my hand was a test with two pink lines that meant ‘positive’. We were going to have a baby! Several thoughts flew through my mind. Who do we tell? Will he/she be healthy? How far along am I? Will I get sick? What will we name it? Will our lives be different with a baby? All these questions were to be answered in a very short nine months.

As of that day I was two weeks pregnant. We told everyone, parents, friends, co-workers, siblings, grandmas, cousins, the store clerk and everyone who would be interested. I was happy to be pregnant, but not so happy to be sick. I remember eating lots of watermelon and drinking Pepsi (which was all I could stomach). I spent most of my time on the couch or over the toilet, which made for a very long twelve weeks. I felt as though time was standing still. We came up with lots of names for our sweet baby, Elizabeth, Danielle, Ashlyn, Jackson, Max, and Henry to name a few. The day would come when we would get to name our baby.

May 13TH 2010

We got up early that morning, which wasn’t hard considering I was as big as a house and could hardly sleep, and finished odds and ends around the house to get ready for the baby. At 6:00pm that evening we went to Parker Adventist Hospital in Parker Colorado to be induced. We started to fill out paperwork while the nurses were getting us set up in the room. We had the most gorgeous view of the mountains from our room. At about midnight the nurses started the Pitocin, which is a drug that induces labor. At 4:00am I felt my first contraction. I wasn’t sure exactly what the pain was I just knew it hurt horribly. It felt as though someone was pressing down on my stomach. I only felt two before I called in the nurse. By 4:05 I was receiving an epidural. You can conclude I don’t do well with pain. At 7:00am my water broke and the doctor confirmed that today would be the day! We would get to meet our sweet bundle of joy on May 14th 2010. At 10:30 the doctor came in to see how close we were, and said we were ready but would need to push for about two hours(two hours I thought, I can handle that!). The next thing I heard the doctor say was, “Get the nurses in here, we are going to have this baby!” Within seconds there were in upwards of 15 doctors and nurses in our labor room. Now? I thought as the bright lights above my head, blinded me. I thought I had two hours! It all became so real. In the background I could hear The Price Is Right on the t.v, which my husband put on for some stress relief.

At 11:06am our sweet baby girl was born. At first she was not breathing, later to find out that the cord was wrapped around her neck. The doctor lifted her up and said, “Seven pounds six ounces I betcha.” He handed her to the nurse who put her on the table to get her to breathe. I remember bursting out in tears, I was in shock. Is this real? It was more real than ever. I just became a mommy! The nurse finally gave her to me once she was clean and breathing well. I looked into her precious bright blue eyes as she stared back at me as though she wanted to tell me she loved me too. The doctor was a little off, she was 8 pounds 11 ounces and 21 ¾ in long, perfectly healthy, and as sweet as can be. We named her Makayla Elizabeth, Elizabeth is my middle name and my grandmothers first name.

The past 16 months have been so great! Watching her grow is more amazing than I could ever explain. I enjoy spending as much time with her as possible. She is my world. Our lives were changed for the best that day. Although a lot has changed as she grows, she still has a special twinkle in her bright blue eyes as though she wants to tell me she loves me. As her vocabulary grows I’m sure of one thing, someday soon I will get to hear it.