Natural Birth of Firstborn

Cadence Noel was born on her due date–December 23rd, 2009. I was 21 years old.

My OB had scheduled me for an induction at 7am on 12/23 because she was leaving town and wanted to be the one to birth her (probably so she gets paid.) But my little one had other plans and wanted to come in to this world on her own terms (as I wanted for her as well.) I started having period-like cramps at 12am on the morning I was scheduled for the induction. They were minor enough to sleep through. At 2am I could no longer sleep and needed to walk around during contractions. I called the on-call nurse when the contractions were 5 min. apart and lasting for about a 45 seconds. She gave us the okay to come in so we did. The pain was pretty tolerable but I couldn’t tolerate sitting, lying down or having any pressure on my lower back. They checked me and I was 3-4cm. They strapped a cordless fetal heart monitor on my belly so I could move around. My fiance started the classical music and I started concentrating on the contractions, which were becoming increasingly intense. I would go back and forth from the birthing ball and the tub. I was having terrible back labor the entire time and the ball didn’t seem to help any with the pain, but did help with resting between contractions. The tub did help with the pain, but also sped up the dilation process because it relaxed me so much. Which in return led to contractions on top of another. I got out of the tub for the nurse to check me: 6cm and it was around 4am. I stalled a little between 6 and 7 so they broke my water. After that things sped up A LOT! I got back into the tub and immediately had an urge to push. I remember screaming very loud, high pitch screams because my body was pushing before my cervix was fully dilated, which hurt like hell (even more than the contraction.) I got out of the tub to slow things down a bit. It was sometime between 7am and 8am and I was almost there: 8cm! I went from 8 to fully dilated in less than 45min and it was time to push. I got the bed, the broke it down and I finally gave in to that urge. It felt SO good. The entire labor and delivery was about 9.5 hours. (which I guess is really short for first time moms.)

My daughter (6lbs 10oz. 19 1/4 inches) was born at 9:23am the same morning and posterior (face up) with a nuchal hand (hand emerged just below her chin.) I only pushed for 30 min. and I’m just now learning that this is very uncommon to not only birth posterior vaginally, but in a half hour. I tore extensively (I don’t know to what degree) and required about an hour of stitching…the OB didn’t even finish all of it because it was so painful for me. It took about 3 weeks to even be able to sit or stand with tolerable pain. Anyway, the OB walked in for the first time at 8:50ish and then delivered my baby. She put her on my chest and we breastfed immediately. She was so calm and alert. My fiance cut the cord, they wrapped her and gave her back to me and then they left to room for about an hour so that I can rest before moving me to the mom and baby room. My fiance made calls at this time. After the birth I also had what was almost a hemorrhage and fainted when I stood up to go to the bathroom. They kept me for an extra night. It was heaven though. I was able to take Vicodin and Ibuprofen for the pain so I could put all my attention on my little girl. Because of the tearing I wasn’t fully healed (having to pain at all) for another 3 or 4 months. But towards the 2nd or 3rd month postpartum I was able to tolerate the pain enough to walk about.

My daughter is now 22 months old and our second daughter is due any day now! (Nov. 7th 2011 to be exact 🙂 I am currently 4cm dilated at 75% effaced and waiting for labor to start (at 39 weeks 🙂 I have a midwife this time and am MUCH more pleased with my experience so far. She says to expect a much shorter labor, which is very encouraging.