Birth Story By Sheila White

I have 2 boys, a 5 yr. old and a 5 mo old. My first son was breech. We had the option to try to turn him but we elected not to for the simple fact, we believe everything is the way it is for a reason…God’s will. So he was born cesarean. That was … Read more

Jacob’s Birth Story By Andrea

Hi ! This is my birth story from NC, USA. I am a single mother to begin with. My firstborn is 10 years old. Then, on Memorial Day – May 25,1998, I learned that I was pregnant !! This was definitely a shock ! This baby’s due date was January 22, 1999. My pregnancy went … Read more

My VBAC Homebirth By Amy B.

In response to the recent concerns surrounding VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) I wanted to write my birth story and give hope to those wanting to experience a vaginal delivery after a cesarean. My history is long and a little complicated, but it is my own. I gave birth via cesarean on January 10, 1998 … Read more

Cole’s Birth Story By Stacie Gallagher

My husband and I had been married a little over 2 years when we decided to start trying to have a baby. Three short months later– we were pregnant! I couldn’t believe it. I had a great pregnancy- no morning sickness, not a lot of fatigue, and I only gained 24 pounds. Everything was perfect … Read more

Samuel Ryan’s Birth Story By Grace

My Name is Grace Velasquez and this is my 3rd son story. I gave birth to my first son in 1988 by c-section, my second son by VBAC in 1996 and now my third by c-section? hmmmm. My due date was on Jan.20th 2000 however, who really delivers on their due date? I had been … Read more

Anabelle’s Birth Story By Belle

This was my second pregnancy and my first pregnancy was a C-section because of failure to progress at 9cm. Since the recovery was so tough with the C-section, I decided to go for a vaginal delivery the second time around. My second pregnancy was just as tough as my first. I had terrible morning sickness … Read more

John Alexander’s Birth Story By Andrea

It was July, it was hot, and I was a week late and miserable, I was convinced I would never have the baby. That night after weeks of going to bed early to be well rested for labor I decided since I was so restless I’d just stay up, after all, it wasn’t going to … Read more

Nathan Aaron’s Birth Story By Grace

My Name is Grace Velasquez and my story is about the birth of my son Nathan Aaron Velasquez. It was the first time I had ever given birth vaginally. My first son was c-section 10 years ago and that delivery was not a very good experience. However, when I had my son “Aaron” it was … Read more

Birth Story By Lisa Blair

     My first pregnancy was perfect until the 33rd week. My baby was fine – it was me that they were worried about – but not for several days. Let me explain.       It was in February 1995, the Saturday before Valentine’s day – I wasn’t feeling very well. Really nauseous. Vomiting occured later in … Read more

My VBA2C Birth Story

     VBA2C Birth Story of Jennifer Rose For my 1st daughter, I had a cesarean because they detected fetal distress before I was in labor from the fetal monitor.  They did not think my baby would tolerate labor so they said I should have a cesarean.  From that moment, I was so sad and it carried … Read more