Cassidy’s Birth Story By Catherine

On Monday, June 28, around 3:30pm 2 days after my due date my water broke. It was so exciting because at last, we knew Cassidy Douglas was coming! I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for the past week, and they simply continued. Finally, around 11pm labor began with the contractions getting stronger, and more … Read more

Hypnosis for a wonderful birth By Maggie Howell

“Ohhh, my labour was 52 hours of sheer agony”, “All my good intentions went out the window – I begged for an epidural”, “I could not take any more so opted for a caesarean”,” You will never feel pain like it”. These were some of the experiences heard when I proudly and excitedly announced I … Read more

Noah’s Surprise Entrance!! By Robbi

It woke up early, at about 6 am, on Aug 10, 1998. Just two days before I was do to be induced with slight little pains. I didn’t think much of them at first and just shifted postitons. After a while I noticed they were coming every 15 minutes!! I figured they must be contractions, … Read more

Eloisa Jacqueline’s Birth By Lonnie

The Birth of Eloisa Jacqueline Before I start I feel I must make this little note. Eloisa’s birth was without a doubt the most wonderful experience of my life. I can not imagine ever going through something that magical and wonderful again, and I so want this to come across in the way I tell … Read more