Micah’s Birth Story By Amy Peterson

Before I get into my birth story I want to let every mother or father to be that reads this not be afraid. This condition was incredibly rare, so don’t be fearful that this could happen to you. August 17, 1998 was a very exciting day for my husband and I. We were closing on … Read more

EJ’s birth story By Kristin

EJ was our first born son, he was conceived on August 9, 1990. My husband and I were very ready to start a family, and were pleased and surprised how simple it was for us, after having several friends and family who had struggled with infertility. We were very thankful, and felt God’s blessings surround … Read more

Mark’s Birth Story By mtnmama

    I was due with my baby on August 19, 1995, and I was planning a homebirth with a DEM (direct-entry midwife) who has 20 years experience, first as a L&D nurse in a hospital then as a midwife for the last 13 years. She has attended over 1000 deliveries. When I got to 38 … Read more

Waiting For Sam By Kathleen

I was tired of being pregnant by the time I was six months along. I was dying to see my little boy, and I’ve never been good at waiting. And I knew there was a pretty good chance that my pregnancy would go beyond it’s due date because of my maternal history. Both my mother … Read more

Daisy Maliha’s Birth Story By Melissa

     When I found out I was pregnant, I was actually devastated. It couldn’t of happened at a worse time. I was still in my first year of college, and had finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. My then boyfriend (now husband) practically ordered me to get an abortion. It … Read more

Meagan’s Birth Story By Lisa

     My labor actually started around 8pm the 20th of November, contractions were 5 minutes apart, about 15 seconds long & painless, although annoying. I packed our bags for the birthing center, and went to bed, fully expecting to awaken in full labor.       I awoke the next morning, around 10AM, with painless, annoying contractions … Read more

Morgan’s Miracle Birth By kathleen I.

My boyfriend and I went to celebrate the New Year 1999 in Las Vegas, at which time my beautiful daughter was conceived. We weren’t trying to get pregnant but we weren’t doing anything to prevent it from happening either. Two and a half weeks later, even though I already knew, it was confirmed…I WAS PREGNANT. … Read more