Joshua’s Birth Story!!!! By Andrea

After a very high risk pregnancy (Chronic pancreatitis, diabetes, Cervical Dysplasia (CIN III, pre-cancerous cells), single parenthood, an AFP test that indicated the baby might have Downs….oh and doing it on my own with two other kids), Joshua Thomas was finally brought into this world via c- section at 11:40 am on Saturday, September 11, … Read more

Dagan’s Birth Story By Monica

     On Halloween night, after a day full of uncertainty and questions (as well as light contractions) I told my mom I was ready to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, the nurses didn’t agree with my idea that I was in labor (after all, I was only dialated to 1 centimeter – same as the … Read more

Alexander’s Birth Story By Samantha Wikan

    My due date was Thanksgiving weekend as confirmed by a sonogram. That weekend came and went until finally in December my doctor felt that we should induce labor. So we scheduled the event for December 10. I couldn’t eat or drink anything for the 12 hours preceding my admittance to the hospital.       They … Read more

Six Birth Stories By Amy

David Michael My first pregnancy was a rough one. I was only 15 when I got pregnant and had no clue what i got into. I had planned on giving my son up for adoption, even had the adoptive parents picked out. I was overdue by almost 2 weeks when I noticed I had not … Read more

Harrison’s birth story By helen

Everything about having a baby was done the hard way for dh and myself! We started trying to get pregnant in June 96 and by october 97 we were seeing a fertility specialist. To make that story short, I wound up getting pregnant by I.U.U after 9 months of treatment. AT our 8.5 week appointment, … Read more

Rachel’s Grand Entrance By Ruthie

On my last official office visit, my doctor decided to put me in the hospital and induce labor. Since this was my first pregnancy, I was so excited at the prospect of finally meeting my baby, I agreed right away. I didn’t know at the time that inducing unnecessarily was not a good idea. I … Read more