Ronald’s Birth Story By Dorothy

My husband and me found out on 1/31/99..I knew there was no way at all that I was going to have our baby in a hospital. We found a birthing center in our town and LOVED it, everybody there cared. At this birthing center they don’t give ANYTHING for the pain, and I don’t belieave … Read more

Moriah Joy’s Story By Julia

The birth story of Moriah Joy Schlenker19 inches7 pounds 13 ounces9:16 am on August 7, 1998 For several months, I had considered changing doctors because the one I was going to was not open to how I wanted to experience the birth of my child. He insisted on medical interventions that I felt would be … Read more

Carmen Kay’s Birth By Naomi

One day past my due date, my husband Paul and I were at the bathroom mirror, getting ready for work, when I started feeling a slow trickle of fluid. Very excited that I might have a baby that day or the next, I sent him off to work so I could get my things in … Read more

Madeline Grace’s Birth Story By Jennifer

The only word to describe the birth of our second daughter – Madeline Grace is serenity. My entire pregnancy was uncomplicated and beautiful. On the morning of January 29, 1999 I awoke to my husbands alarm and a mild contraction. I assumed since I had been experiencing at least a month of fairly intense braxton-hicks … Read more

Jihad’s Birth Story By Charisse

This pregnancy was a planned surprise. Planned because I had began drinking herbal teas to help facilitate ovulation and tone my uterus. Surprise because we were planning to begin trying in August so that my EDC would be in May after classes, and I became pregnant in July. At any rate my husband and I … Read more

Jason’s Birth Story By Pam

January 16, 1999 5:35 am 7 pounds, 4 ounces 20.5 inches I had just turned 39 when I became pregnant in May after only two months of trying. My DH and I had just gotten married in January, but I insisted we try to conceive right away because I worried my age would make it … Read more

Hello Alex! By Amy

I woke up Thursday morning at 4 am with painful contractions. There was no revelatory “a-ha, now I’m in labor” feeling because I’d been having semi-painful contractions for the past 24 hours and I know the time was near. I hadn’t told anyone about this because I’d already had two ‘false alarms” and so I … Read more