The birth story of Alexandra Kate By Crystal McLaughlin

My husband and I decided to start trying at get pregnant again in April of 1999. We became pregnant the first month however miscarried within 6 weeks. My Dr. told me to skip the following month and then start trying the next month using the day of my miscarriage as a way of counting my days. I waited for my period and when it was late I took a test the confirmed that I was pregnant again. I was a little scared that I didn’t give my body enough time to heal from the miscarriage and just prayed that I would’nt miscarry again. I did not.

My due date was on Feb.22,2000. I was struck with morning sickness from the very begining that was a lot more like “all the time sickness”. Other than that everything was very normal.

I had my first ultrasound on Oct.8,1999. (my husband’s b/day) and we were very happy to hear that the baby was indeed very healthy. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby and left just happy that everything looked great. I had a very strong feeling that I was carrying a boy. We had a little girl that was 2 and although we elected to find out the sex, I already knew in my heart that It was a girl. I had exactly the same feelings that this baby was a boy.

I went to my 5th month appt. and was told that I had lost a pound. This was odd for me considering that during my previous pregnancy I gained 50 pounds and gained each and every time I went in for an appt. The Dr. didn’t seem to mind. On my next appt. I was weighed and I weighed the same as the previous month. I started to get a little worried and I guess the Dr. started to feel somewhat the same because he ordered another ultrasound to make sure the baby was growing as it should be. It was actually a little above schedule and they said that everything looked great, although the baby was in a breech position. This was not uncommon during the 6th month and he said that they usually turn on their own. Not my Child!! I went to the next few appt.’s and yet another ultrasound was given to see if the baby was still breech and the ultrasound confirmed that the baby was. They wanted to put me in the hopsital and try to turn the baby, but there wasn’t enough fluid to do it safely. We would just have to wait and see if the baby would turn on it’s own.

It did not…. I went to (what would end up being my last visit) on Feb.10,2000 and the exam confirmed that I was already 2 cm dialated and the baby was still breech. I was told to report to the hospital the next morning for a scheduled c-section.

I had so much to do before then that I didn’t have time to worry about the surgery. I was very excited that my baby was going to arrive the next day , however a bit sad that I would not the time with my daughter that I wanted before the birth. (typical feelings I hear)

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30 am and I was checked in and started on an IV. I Was given the epidural soon after and after being bumped back an hour or so because of other emergency’s, I was carted off to the operating room. My baby was born at 11:41 am on Feb.11,2000. It was a baby GIRL and I was completely shocked. She weighed 8 pds. 5 oz. and was 19 inches long (short for that big of a baby) which earned her the nickname “Thunder Thighs” by the Dr. He just kept saying “EIGHT FIVE, THUNDER THIGHS” She inhaled some of the amniotic fluid and had a little difficulty breathing when she was born. (This is common for a c-section delivery) She was taken to the NICU and was monitered for the following day. She was then brought back to the post delivery floor where I was and everything weemed to fall into place after that.

Although many woman get very upset when they find out that they have to have a c- section, I was at ease because of my trust in my Dr. I know that he would know the best thing for my baby and deliver her the safest way. I now can say that I have done it both ways and that although a vaginal birth is ideal, I feel blessed to have had two healthy babies born and in the end it doesn’t matter how they get here.

Alexandra just celebrated her second birthday and she is full of personality. We love her more and more each day.