John’s Birth Story By Anne

This is the story of my beautiful son, John. We conceived on Nov. 24, 1991. I felt the pregnancy in five days. Never having been pregnant before I took the sensations for granted. We decided not to tell anyone until after our wedding on Jan. 18th. I had seen the doctor for a pre-pregnancy exam. He said I was healthy. Eleven days after our wedding I was in pain. We went to the emergency room and were told it felt like I was carrying an eight month old baby. We told them there was no way my doctor could have missed that in Nov. They did an ultrasound and admitted me with a fibroid tumor stuck right through the uterine wall and into the cervix. I was given pain prescription and released in three days.

My poor husband had to deal with a high risk pregnancy with his first child. We were told to expect a C section if we were able to carry to term. We had appointments every two weeks and frequent ultrasounds. I was borderline for gestational diabetes. In April the ultrasound showed two large water cysts in my son’s brain. And once again we were advised to terminate and try again. Of course we kept him. Fortunately for me since he was my first child my chore list was small. I was able to rest a lot so as not to rupture the tumor.

We were due Aug. 11th. I agreed to do the C section Aug. 7th as I wanted John to mature as much as possible. I had never had any surgery before and was very uncertain and didn’t trust anyone. I kept telling myself they were the professionals and I must obey given our extreme circumstances. I was prepped and John was born in 20 minutes. Then came the surgery to remove the tumor and repair the uterus wall. We had been told we may never conceive again. After two hours of surgery I was in slow recovery. My husband was great. He attended the birth and stayed with our son as I wanted him to. It was 24 hours before I got to hold John. He had been born blue but pinked up right away as they rescucitated. We both had to learn to nurse. Then he was found to have low blood sugar and was put on an IV in NICU. Now I had to walk to his nursery every three hours around the clock to nurse him. In retrospect the exercise was probably good for me but it hurt and I was so tired. Three days later John was released back to my room. The cysts in his brain had cleared up and he was healthy at 8lbs and 1 oz. After a total of five days in the hospital we went home at last.

For others of you who may experience a scary first pregnancy remember it doesn’t stop there. John read at age four and was tested at a 3rd grade reading level when he entered kindergarten at 5yrs. and 1mo. His math skills were almost second grade. We have had to homeschool as the public system simply can’t provide for his intelligence. So much for the termination recommendation at five months. Also I have had four more children with very healthy pregnancies – only small inconsiquential tumors. They have delivered naturally in 1 1/2 to 5 1/2 hour labors. On John’s 9th birthday we conceived #6 so John calls Aaron Michael, due May 1st, 2002, his birthday present from God.