Wills Fast Entrance By Catherine Darbyshire

After the birth of my first baby (see “Carries Coming”), I went to nursing school, got divorced and remarried when Carrie was 5 years old. At the time I gave birth to Will(actually William Michael) in 1985, I was working in an OB/GYN/CNM/Birth Center practice. I had all of my care through this practice and while the Nurse-midwives offered to help us with a home birth I declined. We were 30 minutes outside of the town where the Birth Center is and both midwives were 30 minutes the other side of the town which would have put them an hour from my home. Also, we had just moved an older home onto our property and were still in the middle of renovating it. We had no central heat or air conditioning (Will came in the middle of a freak early heat wave), no bathtub (just a shower). I thought we would be more comfy at the birth center.

Will had been very low in my pelvis for a couple of months, sooo much pressure, and I had to stop working earlier than I had planned. As I mentioned, we got this wierd heatwave in the middle of May-temperatures went up over 100 degrees for 2 weeks. I would get up & do what I had to do in the “cool” of the morning and after lunch would settle in to my rocker which was right under the ceiling fan and sip ice water!

Saturday, May 18th, I had a rough night. Kept feeling like I had to empty my bladder, then couldnt. I called the midwife Sunday morning and she met me at the Birth Center. She catheterized me and said there wasn’t that much in my bladder and while all this was going on, she said “You are having some pretty strong contractions,thats why you are uncomfortable!” I had been having Braxton Hicks for so long, and these werent painful at all. We all went out to breakfast and she suggested I go home and have a nap since I might be going into labor. We made the 30 minute drive home, my husband settled in our bed with the Sunday paper and I headed to the bathroom! This time, while trying to empty my bladder, I lost my mucous plug. It was SOME mucous plug! I hadnt had anything like that with Carrie. I was afraid it was the cord when I first saw & felt it,it was very thick & rope like.

Right after that I was hit with a very intense contraction and when I went back into the bedroom to tell my husband I had another one. All I could say was “Its time to go”. He was perplexed. (We just got home!!) I called the midwife and we headed Back to town. It was the longest 30 minute ride. It hurt so much to try to sit and the contractions were coming hard & every 3-5 minutes. This all happened at 1:30 PM. When we got to the Birthcenter, I was 4 cm dilated and at 4PM, I was 6cm and they broke my water. Minutes later, I felt the urge to push, was checked and found to be 10 cm.

7 year old Carrie was with us. A special family friend was there just for her, to see to her needs and take her out if she wasnt comfortable. She was happiest coloring on a couch that was on the side of the large room we were in, instead of being where the action was! I pushed and began to ease the baby out. The midwife said that she thought he would be between 9& 10 pounds when she began to have a feel for his head. Next thing I knew, he was born to the waist and the midwife said “reach down and get your baby” and at 4:39 PM I pulled him the rest of the way out of me. I will never forget what his skin felt like at that moment. It was incredible. He looked huge but turned out to be a lean 8lb.s 10 1/2 oz. with a 15 cm head & chest circumference. He was healthy and peaceful and we all fell in love with him right away.

I delivered the placenta without problems and was delighted to find out that in spite of his large head (Im not a large framed person!) and in spite of having torn so badly with my 1st, I needed no stitches. Just had a couple of “skid marks” that healed very well. The midwife applied lots of counter pressure to my perineum during pushing and right afterward put an ice pack on my perineum. Boy,did that feel good!

After a 3 hour labor & delivery, we ordered Chinese food and headed for home about 5:30 or so. I felt so blessed of God to be this boy’s mom. He is now a wonderful (175 lb, 6′) 16 yr old and has been a joy every day of his life….