Ronald’s Birth Story By Dorothy

My husband and me found out on 1/31/99..I knew there was no way at all that I was going to have our baby in a hospital. We found a birthing center in our town and LOVED it, everybody there cared. At this birthing center they don’t give ANYTHING for the pain, and I don’t belieave in taking anything at all that can harm your baby and want alot of weman don’t no is that taking stuff for the pain goes right to your baby and why would you want to take anything that can harm your baby.

We found out at 20 weeks that we were having a boy and we were very happy, when I went into labor on 9/29/99 my husbands brother called from down in the lower 48 and that was at 10pm and I told him that we had no baby yet and that I would call when it happened and that I wanted to go back to bed and at 11pm I woke up in pain and got out of bed and my water broke so I woke up my husband who had to take a shower and I called my midwide and told her my water broke and she said to come on in and so a hour later we got there(it was only 15 minutes way). I labored in the hot tub and 4 hours later I was pushing, it was very easy! (I really don’t no why weman complain about giving birth cause it’s all part of life and we were born knowing how to do it). When he was about to come out the midwife saw that the cord was around his neck so tight that when she cut it that the placenta pulled away from the wall and after he was born he was not breathing right away and they got right on top of that and I told them I had to push again and when I did nothing but blood came out and that happened 3 times after the 3rd time they said I have to go to the hospital cause some of the placenta was still attached they had to do a DnC. Everything tured out ok.

I am writing this to tell weman out there to fing out about birthing centers. More babies are born at home or in birthing centers then in hospitals. At hospitals the nurses come and they go and they have to take care of other people and then they have to change shifts and they really are not on top of everything. At the birthing center they stay with you the WHOLE time and they really are great they bill your insureance and it’s CHEAPER then hospitals. At hospitals they are so eager to do c- sections. You may e-mail with any question and home birthing or birthing centers.