Will Our Child Learn Social Skills In Kindergarten?

The first day of kindergarten is coming up fast and you are worried about your child making friends and getting along with his classmates. Your biggest concern is whether or not your child will learn social skills in kindergarten. Well, you can relax because one of the most important parts of the kindergarten curriculum is teaching social skills. Children are young and just learning to get along with one another, treat each other with respect, and share. So, this must be taught.

Kindergarten teachers across the nation know just how to help your child integrate into the classroom and make new friends. In fact, kindergarten activities frequently include having the children break up into small groups and complete activities together. This allows them to interact and learn how to socialize.

Basic socialization skills like helping and respecting one another are taught as well as sharing and getting along. Teachers have lots of activities to help your child learn to share and get along with her peers. Also, it wont be very long before your child develops a best friend. Most kids in a kindergarten class are drawn to certain other kids and they end up becoming fast friends. These friendships teach the children a lot of social skills and they soon understand how to carry on conversations and how to resolve problems on their own.

Keep in mind that children who attend preschool or daycare before kindergarten will more than likely already have some basic social skills. Children who have been at home with their parents up until school starts are more likely to have a more difficult time with social skills than the other children. But, they will learn and by the end of the school year your kindergartener will more than likely be a social butterfly and will have attended approximately 20 birthday parties!

Kindergarten is a wonderful grade because it teaches your child the basics in academics but also helps your child learn socialization skills and became an effective communicator. You may be worried to begin with because your child is shy or has never played with other kids. But, dont worry. It wont be too long before that shy kid is socializing with all his classmates!