Will Attending Daycare Affect My Child in the Future?

Lots of parents wonder if attending daycare will affect their child in the future. The answer is yes because all experiences affect a childs future in one way or the other. There are actually a lot of benefits your child will experience by attending daycare that you may not have thought of.

When your child attends daycare he will learn to socialize with others. Socialization is very important and the earlier kids start learning the better socializers they will become. In daycare kids are exposed to many other children so they learn how to play with their friends and how to share. They also learn to coexist with other children they may not care for much and resolve conflicts on their own. As a result, daycare can really help your child get a jumpstart on socialization early on and prepare him for school.

No Separation Anxiety
If you are not separated from your child until kindergarten begins then you may notice your child develops separation anxiety. This may be very stressful for parents, teachers, and the child. However, if your child attends daycare from an early age until they begin kindergarten they typically are able to get over their anxiety and understand that their parents will return at the end of the day. This certainly allows for a much smoother transition to kindergarten.

Prepared for Kindergarten
Daycare prepares kids for kindergarten. Many times they will learn their alphabet, numbers, and the like while in daycare. This gives kids a head start for kindergarten and allows them to enter with the basic knowledge of what they are going to learn.

Following Rules
Daycares have rules and if your child attends daycare he will certainly learn those rules and how to obey them. Learning to follow rules at a young age is very helpful to parents because the child will be responsive to rules at home as well as rules at school.

As you can see if you send your child to daycare there will be a lot of benefits from doing so. Of course there are some drawbacks associated with daycare but many of them are outweighed by the many benefits.