Why Do Our Discipline Methods Work For One Child But Not The Other?

A common question among parents is why one method of discipline works well for one child but not at all on the other. This basically comes down to your childs personality. Some kids respond to certain discipline methods and other kids respond to others. As a parent it is your responsibility to determine what type of discipline works best for your child. It will take time, but you can do it! The following tips might help you out.

Tip #1 Get to Know Your Child
If you are a good parent and spend quality time with your child then you probably know his likes and dislikes as well as how he responds to different situations. If your child absolutely loves to watch television then perhaps taking away television privileges is a great way discipline him. If your child could care less whether he watches television or not then taking this away wont really discipline him in any real way. Once you find your childs weak spot you can manipulate it to work well as a discipline tool.

Tip #2 All Kids are Different
Realize that all of your children are different. One of them might love sports while the other wants to talk on the phone non-stop. When you realize your childrens differences then finding discipline methods for each child wont be so difficult. In fact, one child might respond very well to a 30 minute timeout while another child might not get the same effect with a two month grounding. Taking away privileges when a child misbehaves is the best way to teach them that well behaved kids earn their privileges and poorly behaved kids lose them.

Tip #3 Try Something New
When you realize your discipline methods dont work as a blanket method for controlling your children you need to do something about it right away. The longer you wait the more problems you will have. So, as soon as you notice that one child is not responding to a particular punishment come up with a different one. It wont take long for you to determine what discipline method works best for all your kids.