Why Do I Feel Guilty & Upset When I Discipline My Children?

Have you ever noticed that you feel guilty and upset when you discipline your children? More than likely your children are doing a good job at making you feel like it is your fault you are disciplining them rather than theirs. Kids learn early on how to manipulate their parents and they know that parents don’t like hearing certain things so those are the things kids will say.

For example, when you discipline your child for doing something wrong they will more than likely point out a time when you did something you should not have done. Or, they will cry and tell you that you don’t love them. Many times they will find a way to make you feel guilty for their actions. Because of this parents feel awful when they discipline their children. Not only does it feel bad to discipline your child but to have your child place the blame on you, yell at you, ignore you, and worse feels pretty bad, too. So, many parents feel guilty and upset when they discipline their children. Unfortunately, there are lots of parents who avoid disciplining their children in order to avoid feeling bad about themselves.

However, to be truly fair to the children parents need to get over this. Discipline is not about you, its about your child and his or her growth as a human being. Of course, you are never going to enjoy disciplining your child but you can find a way to make peace with it when you understand it is whats best for your kid. When you reach this point you will be a more effective disciplinarian because you understand what your child needs and how to discipline them effectively. The result is you wont feel nearly as guilty or upset because you know you are doing what is right. Also, your child will learn that every bad choice has consequences and immediate discipline is one of those. Soon your kids will start behaving better and your job will get a little easier. Just keep in mind that once you get over the guilt you still wont find joy in disciplining your kids, but it will be easier.