What Will The Lack Of Discipline Do To Our Children?

Parents always wonder what kind of adults their children will grow up to be. And, the ultimate person your child will become depends a lot on how you raise them. So, if you discipline your child and teach him what is right and wrong then your child will grow up to respect authority, rules, and the like. However, if you do not discipline your child he will grow up with no real respect for authority or what is right and wrong. Because of this it is of utmost importance to discipline your children. But, you might be wondering what will happen to your child if you do not discipline them?

Problems at School
It is so important to begin disciplining your children early because if you dont problems might arise later. This becomes most evident when your child begins school. Following rules is important at school and kids who have received discipline at home as toddlers are willing to follow school rules and understand the repercussions if they dont. However, kids who have not been disciplined at home as toddlers arrive at school with no appreciation for rules and how they should behave. This results in outbursts, tantrums, poor schoolwork, feeling left out, and developing a hatred for school. Sometimes kids can even become bullies and pick on other children. You want your child to succeed in life and in school so you can help them on their way by disciplining early. It is not easy to discipline your toddler, but it is important to help your child grow as a person and become the best they can become.

No Respect for Authority
Our world is made up of rules and those who follow the rules, at least most of the time get along just fine and have good lives. However, those individuals who have no respect for authority frequently break the rules and end up with all kinds of problems as a result. This could be problems with the police, problems maintaining employment, and more. Many children who do not receive discipline as a child grow up with little if any respect for authority. This results in the child having problems for the rest of his life, unless he learns on his own to discipline himself and respect authority and laws. Dont allow this to happen to your child. Instead, enforce rules and discipline while your child is growing up.

There are many other things that can happen to your children as a result of not being disciplined. They may begin using alcohol and drugs at an earlier age, start hanging out with the wrong crowd, and exhibit all around poor behavior and bad choices. So, discipline your children to give them the best chance in life.