What Will My Kindergarteners Day Be Like?

The first day of kindergarten is rapidly approaching and you are wondering what your childs days will be like. Also, your child is asking you what he will be doing all day long and you dont know what to tell him. Of course, all kindergarten classes have different days but the basic day in most kindergarten classrooms is something like the following. Keep in mind that you can always have a parent/teacher conference before the school year begins to find out exactly how your childs day will be. But, if you dont have time for that the following will give you a very good idea.

First, kids settle into the classroom. This means they arrive, put their things away, place their homework folders in their cubbies and then choose an activity in the classroom. This might be reading a book, playing with blocks, or doing a coloring sheet. Once everyone arrives and is settled in circle time begins.

During circle time all children gather on the carpet and talk about the weather, chart the temperature, talk about proper dress, and the like. Also, questions are answered and basic news is talked about. During this time numbers, the calendar, and the like may also be discussed.

Next a subject area will be covered with the children. Instruction may take place in a large group or many small groups and then the students will have an activity to complete. After this point the children will have snack time and then a short recess.

Once they return from recess the children will take part in more instruction until lunchtime. After the children have lunch they will enjoy a longer recess and then naptime.

After naptime more activities are explored. These may include counting, art, social studies, a trip to the library, or working on the computer. Most kindergarten classes also have activities throughout the year that are included in the day. Some special events take place as well and lots of classes have show and tell once per week.

Keep in mind that if you want to know your childs exact schedule you can find out by contacting the teacher. However, the above sample schedule is very similar to many kindergarten classrooms across the nation and will very likely be similar to your childs day.