What Will My Kindergartener Be Learning?

Many parents are anxious about sending their baby to kindergarten and have many questions. One of the most popular questions parents ask is what will their child learn in kindergarten. The answer varies depending on where your child attends school and his teacher, but most schools and teachers have a very similar curriculum because of what the states require kindergarteners to learn throughout the year. The following overview of subjects include what most kindergarteners learn throughout the school year.

Reading and Writing

Your child will learn to read in kindergarten although it will probably be very short and basic books. Some children go to kindergarten already reading while others have no clue whatsoever. As a result some children don’t learn as much as they can because they weren’t prepared beforehand.

The alphabet is taught in kindergarten. This includes the sounds of the letters and words that start with particular letters. Words will be taught in conjunction with different letters so your child begins building his vocabulary and learning how to read and write at the same time. Phonics and sounding out words are also part of the kindergarten curriculum.

Your child will learn to write his name, address, phone number, and many words. Tracing the letters of the alphabet your child will learn how to write the letters on his own and not only learn to write but learn to spell as well.

Math is also another basic part of the kindergarten curriculum. Your child will learn the numbers, how to say and write them, counting, and basic adding and subtracting.

Social Studies
Kids are taught about the world around them during kindergarten. This includes the basis for political holidays and the like.

Basic science is introduced as well during kindergarten. Your child might learn about the weather, different seasons, and other similar topics.

Foreign Language
Many kindergarten classes also teach a foreign language, in most cases Spanish. This is usually a basic introduction to the language.

As you can see your kindergartener will have a full day and by the time the year is over your child will have a lot of the basics down. He will be able to write, count, and read and will be prepared to enter the first grade. Keep in mind different schools stress different curriculums in kindergarten so you will need to discuss this with different kindergarten teachers in order to find the best school for your little one.