What Will Be Expected Of My Kindergartener?

Once upon a time kindergarten was for socializing, playing, coloring, and learning the alphabet. However, things have drastically changed and these days expectations are much higher for kindergarteners. In fact, many parents are shocked at what their kindergarteners are expected to know and be capable of at the tender age of five. Continue reading to find out more of the expectations for kindergarteners across the nation.

When your child reaches kindergarten he/she should already know his alphabet and recognize the letters. It is outstanding if your child can already write the letters of the alphabet, but if not that is ok because he will learn in kindergarten.

Match Words
One kindergarten expectation is that your child can match words, both spoken and written. This means that your child should have already been introduced to the written language and be able to recognize basic words and understand what the word sounds like and also what it looks like.

Rhyming Words
Your child should know all about rhyming words and be able to identify them. This is a big part of kindergarten and will help your child learn how to spell words through association.

Beginning Sounds
Your kindergartener should be able to recognize the beginning letter of spoken words.

Names and Personal Information
Children in kindergarten should be able to write their first and last names and even their address and telephone numbers.

Your child should begin kindergarten being able to read basic words. However, as the year progresses your child should be able to read short narratives.

Writing short narratives as the year progresses is also an expectation of all kindergarteners.

There are many more expectations for kindergarteners like enjoying being read to, socializing with others, listening, answering questions, and more. You will need to evaluate your child and see if he/she is prepared to enter kindergarten or if your child needs a little more time to work on his skills before beginning kindergarten. If your child starts behind he may stay behind the whole year or he may be able to catch up. You will need to evaluate your childs abilities and be honest with yourself before making the decision.