What Should I Expect of a Daycare Schedule?

All daycares are different so the typical day at one daycare may be wildly different from the typical daycare at another daycare. However, in many instances the typical daycare schedule is not so different from daycare to daycare. If you want to know a specific schedule from a specific daycare then you need to ask the director of the daycare for a better idea. The following is more or less a typical daycare schedule. However, keep in mind that most daycares have a schedule that changes a little bit from day to day depending on various activities and life!

Most children arrive at daycare between 6:45 and 7:30 am. During this time frame children usually settle in and have free time to play or watch educational videos.

Breakfast is usually served around 7:45 am and lasts until approximately 8:15 am.

Free Play
Music, dancing, and free play usually follows breakfast to help kids settle down and get ready for the day.

Story Time
To help kids relax after free play there is usually an hour of story time. This might last from 8:45 9:45 am. This includes crafts or circle time as well.

Snack is usually served from 9:45 am to 10 am.

Children enjoy recess from 10-11 am. If weather permits the children play outside, if not motor skill activities are enjoyed indoors.

Clean Up
After recess it is time to clean up from 11 11:15 am.

Once everything is clean the kids are ready for lunch from 11:15- 11:45 am.

Instructional Activities
After lunch the kids take part in some instructional activities. This might include the alphabet, watching an educational video, coloring, or some other project from 11:45 12:20 am.

Children have naptime from 12:30 2:30 pm. This is quiet time for children who dont fall asleep. They may read books or rest quietly on their mat.

Many times after naptime kids enjoy craft time or even story time. This is usually 2:30 3 pm.

Snack is served again from 3-3:30 pm.

Pick up time
Most children are picked up between 3:30 and 5:30 pm each day. During this time kids are allowed free time, outside time, or time for educational television.