What Is Progesterone?

If you are trying to become pregnant, you may be hearing a lot about different hormones that are associated with pregnancy and what they mean. One of the hormones that you may hear mentioned is known as progesterone. When confronted with the idea of progesterone as a hormone, it is important to know what this is and what it can do for pregnancy.

Progesterone is known as a steroid hormone. It usually comes out of chemicals that are linked to carbohydrates. Women should have certain amounts of progesterone as one of their hormones. It is known to be most closely associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle as well as an extra hormone during pregnancy that is used with the embryo. As a woman cycles through the month, the progesterone level will first decrease, then increase again in order to be emptied during their menstrual cycle. Progesterone is an important hormone whether pregnant or not.

Progesterone is also known to be reproduced in certain areas of the body. The adrenal glands and the gonads are the most common areas that produce this hormone. The hormone is known to be at a higher level after a woman finishes her menstruation cycle. It is also known to be a functioning chemical in the brain. During pregnancy, progesterone will be present in the fetus after about eight weeks. This allows it to have cholesterol in order to continue circulation.

If a woman does not have enough progesterone in her system, it may cause her to have a miscarriage or to not be able to become pregnant. Progesterone levels, during pregnancy, should be higher than they would be normally. And many times progesterone is used during pregnancy in order to create an immune response that will allow for the pregnancy to occur. Later, when a woman goes into labor, the progesterone levels will decrease. After pregnancy, the hormones will be used in order to produce milk for the new baby.

If it has been found that if you don’t have enough progesterone in your body while you are pregnant it will be important to balance your system with either a substitute or by checking with your doctor about options. Because progesterone levels are important in relation to the growth of the fetus, as well as to the balance of the woman, it is an important chemical.

Progesterone is a chemical those cycles through a woman’s body at all times. However, when pregnant, the levels of this hormone will increase, allowing for the right functioning of the woman’s pregnancy, as well as help with the growth of the embryo. Knowing how progesterone reacts is an important part of a woman’s balance of hormones as well as pregnancy.