Ways to Save Money While Grocery Shopping for a Family of Five

Grocery shopping for your brood can be challenging. Whether you’re a family of five on a budget or whether it’s just you, it’s important that you don’t pay too much for the groceries that you buy. The bigger your brood, though, the greater the challenge.

Yet, grocery shopping on a budget isn’t always an easy or obvious prospect. There are the obvious sales that come in your weekly flyer, of course, but in many cases those prices aren’t better (or at least, not that much better) than the regular prices.

Budgeting for a family of five’s groceries doesn’t have to be a confusing nightmare. Here are some ways your family of five can save on grocery shopping:

  • Don’t shop at just one store. The fact of the matter is that, on any given week, certain items cost less at some stores than others. Not only that, some stores may double coupons, or may double larger value coupons. To get the most savings from your grocery experience, plan your grocery shopping by looking at all of the store ads and matching them with coupons and other available discounts. Only buy the items that are the best price at each store.
  • Shop from a list. The best way to spend extra money grocery shopping for a family of five is to do it without a list. If you have a list, you know exactly what you need to buy. Resist the temptation to buy things that aren’t on the list. If you need help with a list, there are a number of useful templates you can find online.
  • Take advantage of coupons and discounts. Some stores offer frequent shopper cards that help you to earn discounts. There are websites that offer electronic coupons, in addition to the ones you receive in your weekly paper. Look for rebates on certain items, too. You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to save $20 or $30 each week on groceries, especially when you’re grocery shopping for a family of five.

Don’t spend more than you have to on groceries. Start with these principles and you’ll save money each and every week.