Using In-Home Childcare

Commercial day care facilities can sometimes be unaffordable. However, there are daycare providers that use their homes to take care of children. But you need to be able to trust those whom you’re leaving your little ones with.

Make Sure Facility Is Licensed

To protect children, licensing guidelines are exceptionally tight for in-home childcare providers. Always obtain a copy or look at the license itself for the location you’re considering. Note expiration date as well as the exact name and address of the facility that’s on the license. With this, you can ensure the license you’re viewing at is the proper one for that location.

Make sure to ask specific questions and go over legal documentation to keep your child from being endangered.

Ask About Age Appropriate Education of Teacher and Support Staff

Studies show the first five years of a child’s life is the most formative. These first few years are important in your child’s intellectual, social and general behavioral skills. Some stay-at-home moms are former teachers who often start up an in-home childcare facility to supplement their income. Looking for one of these is a wonderful idea to effectively combine a learning environment and daycare.

Make sure your child’s caregiver is properly equipped with supplemental tools, training and education to give your child the best intellectual, social and educational skills. Contacting local childcare referral programs are the best way to find childcare providers who have thorough training. These agencies and programs spend considerable amounts of time and effort to promote a high quality child care community. In turn, these resources increase your child’s safety during daycare.

Check with Public Agencies Before Signing a Contract

When you research in-home childcare providers, be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau and your local police department. You should always request a criminal history record on anyone that’s going to watch over your child. This person will be alone with your child and you’ll have to take the individual’s word about goes on at those times.

If you’re seeking an in-home childcare instead of commercial daycare centers, you want to be sure that you completely investigate the location before signing a contract with the provider. There are plenty of issues that you should research when shopping for an in home childcare provider, to make sure it’s the safest place for your little one.