Trying to Conceive by Using Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)

There are many medical opinions and layperson suggestions with regard to conception. Some of these opinions and suggestions focus on those individuals who have not yet begun trying to conceive yet want to conceive as quickly as possible and also for those women who have been trying to conceive but found that their conception journey has not reached its desired destination yet. One suggestion which relates to conception in general relates to the use of Evening Primrose Oil, or EPO for short. EPO has been linked to promoting conception mainly by those who have used it as opposed to medical health professionals. Looking further into Evening Primrose Oil and its conception capabilities may help you decide whether using such a substance is right for you.

How Evening Primrose Oil Works in the Conception Phase

Evening Primrose Oil is believed by many women to work with the conception phase by affecting the cervical mucus which increases during ovulation. Those women who take this oil are thought to see an increase in the egg white cervical mucus which is the best type of fluid to help the sperm reach the egg as quickly and effectively as possible. Sperm tend to survive the longest in the egg white cervical mucus than any other mucus type within the cervix.

If you would like to try using EPO to aid in the conception phase, you can most likely obtain the substance at health food stores and grocery stores which contain a more extensive herbal supplement section. You should be aware of the fact that EPO does not work immediately and you may have to consume EPO for a few months prior to seeing it take effect. If you decide to try using Evening Primrose Oil in your conception endeavors, it is important to only take it once a day from the first day of your cycle through ovulation. Once ovulation has ended you should not take it again until the first day of your cycle. You should chart your fertility signs so that you know exactly when ovulation occurs. Approximately 1500 mg to 3000 mg per day is a good dosage to take, one can take the lesser or greater amount cited depending upon which dose level they prefer more.


Evening Primrose Oil is a wonderful supplement to take to help you to make the conception process easier and attempt to make conception more likely. By taking this supplement once a day between the first day of your cycle and ovulation, you may likely increase the chance of conception as this occurrence has been noted by many women who have taken EPO. It is important to read all of the information relating to EPO prior to starting your intake in order to ensure that EPO is right for you.