Toys For Babies 3 To 6 Months

By the time your little one hits the three month mark, some amazing development has occurred. Your little one now has begun to understand her hands; she can make a fist, uncurl it, and begin to grab things. The purpose of grabbing something, at this stage, is of course to place it into her mouth! Don’t give your baby a toy if it is not safe to be placed into his mouth.

At this point, babies also are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings. They are also more able to respond to you and to their toys. Toys for this stage may include more interactive toys and toys that will allow your baby to explore his boundaries.

If you haven’t already begun, books are an excellent toy at this age. Soft books can fascinate your baby, and will help reinforce family reading habits. In addition, your baby may even begin at this stage to put words together with sounds.

Especially if you are breastfeeding, you might consider a nursing necklace during this time. It will give your baby something to grab onto to keep you from being hurt! These useful toys also help your baby with visual and touch stimulation that will help her cognitive development.

When your baby begins teething, a teething ring or a rattle can be an excellent toy. Many parents place these items in the refrigerator when they are not being used, as the cooler temperature will help soothe their mouth as they teethe.

Now that your baby can grab, he can squeeze. Toys that make noise when squeezed, or that move when squeezed, can help her to understand that her actions can produce specific results. In addition, rattles or other toys that make noise can be a source of great enjoyment, and may be able to help with teething.

Activity or Play centers are also excellent at this age. These stands that hold dangling toys that your baby can grab at and look at can sometimes keep her interested for yours. These are especially useful before your baby can sit up. Similar items can be placed on a carseat, stroller, or infant seat.

Your baby is ready for soft stuffed animals at this point. For safety, you will want to avoid anything with wires inside that could break through the fabric and injure your child.