Tips for Negotiating any Service

Prices continue to go up, but your paycheck hasn’t followed suit, right? That’s the case with most Americans and it is downright scary. What you could afford on your income just five years ago is now becoming unaffordable. You thought as time went on you would be able to afford more, have more buying power, and live a better lifestyle. Now, the economy is in the dumps and you find that is not happening. Luckily, the prices you pay can actually be negotiated. Sure, you may think if a price is posted then that is the price. When the economy is down, though, there is never a better time to try and negotiate. The following tips will help you get started.

Tip #1 Ask

One way to negotiate is to simply ask for a discount. You never know unless you try and many times if you ask for a discount you will receive one. For example, you could be checking out late at night and buying food items that were made fresh that day. Since they will be losing their freshness and probably thrown out tomorrow ask for a discount. You will get a better price and the store still makes a sale. This goes for anything, however, just ask!

Tip #2 Buy in Bulk

Many times if you buy in bulk, even at the grocery store, you can get a discount. Talk with the manager and let them know that you are interested in buying a bulk amount of a certain item. Ask for the best price they can give you and you will see that many times the price will be discounted. When you buy in bulk from the grocery store this eliminates the need for the item to be unpacked and stocked on the self, which will save you money.

Tip #3 Pre-Pay

If you pre-pay for services you can frequently get a great discount. For example, pre-paying for medical services, insurance, even a year’s worth of television programming, may help you get a 5 or 10% discount.

What’s most important is to ask for a discount. Simply asking could save you a great deal of money. Imagine, if you spend $20,000 per year on food, services, and the like, and you manage to average a 5% discount on everything. That equals $1,000 in savings! That’s enough to pay down some bills or take a great family vacation.