Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Ideas for Kids

The kids are out of school for Thanksgiving vacation and you want to keep them busy while also letting them help with the holiday decorations. However, you just arent sure what to have them do! Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas for kids and a few are discussed here. Of course, if you need more or are looking for something different then browsing the Internet will certainly help you find lots more! Just be creative, have fun, and these arts and crafts will really turn out well and make your Thanksgiving holiday just a little more festive!

Place cards and Napkin Rings
The entire family is coming over for dinner and you want everyone to have an assigned seat. So, instead of taking your precious time from cooking and cleaning have the kids make place cards and napkin rings! The special touch from the kids will really be appreciated by the other guests and it will save you lots of time not to mention keep your kids occupied!

Buy some place cards that are pre-folded from any craft or dollar store. Then, give your kids glitter, markers, crayons, beads, mini leaves, or anything you have in mind to decorate the place cards. If your kids can write then give them a list of names and let them write the names. If not, write the names yourself and then allow the kids to decorate. The result will be truly original place cards that everyone can enjoy!

The same goes for napkin rings. You can cut the regular printer paper into long strips for easy decorating and folding. Or, you can find pre-decorated napkin rings on the Internet that your kids can decorate more or else tape together to form the napkin rings.

Hand Turkeys
A time honored Thanksgiving kids project is the hand turkey! Simply buy some paper plates, hand out the markers or crayons, and let your kids trace their hands on the plate. Then, the shape of the hand can be used as the shape of the turkey and decorated accordingly.

Fall Leaves
Generally around Thanksgiving the leaves have started changing colors and falling to the ground. So, have your kids go outside and pick 10 of the most beautiful leaves they can find. You can choose more or less, but just make sure your kid is looking for the prettiest leaves. This will take up time and keep them occupied. Once they come back in take out the wax paper and turn the iron on. Place the leaves under the wax paper and iron. The result will be perfectly sealed fall leaves. Another twist on this activity is to make the wax paper as big as a placemat and then let your kids artwork become the placemats on the table. You cant find anything prettier and the wax paper will keep any spills from staining your table cloth!

Yet another idea is to buy lots of fruits, mini pumpkins, squash, and have the kids collect leaves and twigs. Then, allow them to arrange all of these products in a cornucopia. If you dont have the perfect shaped basket then any basket will do. Your kids will love taking part in the decorations and will have a lot of fun, too!