Solutions To Your Potty-Training Problems

Potty training is an event in a toddlers life that can really be challenging, not to mention the lives of his parents! Many times potty training is looked upon with dread and children can pick up on this. Also, there are many problems that can arise during potty training that have easy solutions. Dont despair, the following tips are some you might find handy when potty training problems arise.

Start When Your Child is Ready
Many times parents begin potty training on their own schedule rather than the childs schedule. This results in the child totally avoiding the potty and anything to do with it, temper tantrums, hiding, and other actions. If you have started potty training and this is the response you receive then the best thing you can do is take a break from potty training. Your child is not ready to use the potty and forcing the issue only causes more problems. When your child is ready to use the potty he will let you know and then you can begin again.

Dont Punish or Scold
If your child has accidents or is regressing with his potty training your first reaction may be to punish or scold your child. You dont want to clean up pee and poop every single day and after a while of doing so you can easily snap at your child. However, you need to be very careful to avoid this because you want your child to have a positive potty training experience and not a negative one.

What should you do in these situations? Always be calm, level headed, and very direct with your child. Say, you wet your pants. It is ok to have an accident while you are still learning, but remember that pee goes in the potty. Being calm and matter of fact about the situation will let your child know that you love and support him and that its ok that he is not perfect. You may have to exert some serious self control in order to do this, but it will reduce potty training problems in the end.

Reward Your Child
Rewarding your child for successful trips to the potty is often good motivation to keep the potty training process going. Also, a reward can keep little temper tantrums and other power struggles from arising. So, if you are having trouble potty training your toddler consider offering prizes or awards and see if that helps the process along.

Take a Break
Sometimes the best advice for parents who experience problems while potty training is to simply take a break. You dont want to pressure your toddler too much and if problems keep arising then a nice break will give you some relief and allow your toddler a bit of time to mature and change his mind about using the potty.