Parent-Teacher Meeting For Our Kindergartener – How Important Is It?

As a parent of a small child you have a full schedule and there isnt that much free time for you to do a lot of things like meeting with your childs kindergarten teacher. So, many parents wonder how important this meeting actually is and whether they should really make the time for it. Some parents believe kindergarten is like playtime so there cant be too much to talk about with the childs teacher. However, today kindergarten is much more academic and strict than it was many years ago. Plus, your child will be in this teachers care all day for five days out of the week. Because of this you should want to talk to her and find out what she believes in, how she teaches the class, and how she treats the students.

Basically, a parent-teacher meeting for your kindergartener is just as important as a parent-teacher meeting for any other grade level. You need to get to know your childs teacher and ask all the questions you have about the school, the class curriculum, discipline, rules, and the like. If you dont talk to the teacher and something occurs you dont like it is really nobodys fault other than your own because you didnt take time to find out what kind of environment you were sending your child into.

So, pick up the phone and schedule a parent teacher meeting for your kindergartener. You can talk about the class, how much experience the teacher has, your childs abilities and his weaknesses, what he responds well to and what upsets him, and simply get to know one another. Doing this will help you feel more relaxed about sending your child to the first day of kindergarten because you are confident in the curriculum and the teacher. Also, if you get a bad vibe from the teacher when you meet her then you always have time to find a different school for your child.

Dont blow off a parent-teacher meeting with your childs kindergarten teacher simply because you dont have the time. Make the time and do it for yourself and especially for your child.