Over a Week Late & Negative Pregnancy Test

Have you ever been a week late and started worrying that you were pregnant? If so you arent the only one because lots of women find themselves in this situation every month. And, whats the first thing these women do? Run out and buy a pregnancy test of course! However, some times the pregnancy test is negative and this leaves women wondering. Could I still be pregnant? The answer is yes you could actually really be pregnant and receive a negative pregnancy test when you are nearly a week late.

How Pregnancy Tests Work
The reason this might happen is simply based on how the pregnancy test works. All pregnancy tests are basically the same in how they operate although just a little different in their sensitivity. The pregnancy tests detect the pregnancy hormone HCG in the womans urine. If not enough HCG is detected a negative result is received. Some pregnancy tests are considered ultra sensitive while others are not. The one you use and the time frame you use it in could affect your result.

After conception the levels of HCG in your body begin to double every two to three days. Some women have very low levels of HCG in their bodies after conception and even with it doubling it takes longer for enough HCG to be present in the body to result in a positive pregnancy test. This is the exception rather than the norm, although it does happen. So, it is entirely conceivable that you are a week late, you take a pregnancy test, and you receive a negative result although you are actually pregnant. In this case you might want to try testing again in several days or maybe even a week to see if you get a positive result.

Of course, you could simply not be pregnant. There are many reasons for your period to be a week late and this is not completely uncommon in itself. Maybe you have been stressed out, sick, in an accident, or had some other problem that threw your system out of whack. It is also possible you became pregnant, had a miscarriage, and this caused your period to be late and the pregnancy test to be negative. There really are a lot of reasons out there and the best way to determine whether you are pregnant or not is to simply take another pregnancy test in a few days. If it is positive, you are pregnant. If it is negative, you are almost positively not pregnant. If you still dont get your period, however, you might consider checking in with your doctor just to find out what is going on with your body.