Natural Treatments for Engorgement During Pregnancy

Engorgement of the breasts is an extremely common condition for new mothers. It can also be rather frustrating, and can sometimes even be rather painful. Generally speaking, breast engorgement will occur within those first few days after a baby is born. Because the breasts are beginning to produce greater volumes of milk, the breasts become bigger, more tender, and firmer. Engorgement is, in many respects, simply a normal part of the postpartum process.

While it often will go away on its own, engorgement should not be ignored. You will want to treat it, especially if it tends to last for many days. Breast engorgement can cause a variety of problems. It may keep your baby from being able to latch on correctly, for example. If you can’t release the pressure of breast engorgement, your breasts can begin to make less milk, and can even stop producing milk altogether. While it is true that there certainly are medicinal treatments for breast engorgement, some of the best ways to go about treating breast engorgement may be more natural.

There are several ways that you can treat breast engorgement naturally. First of all, you can use a warm breast compress to reduce the swelling and tenderness of your breasts. Cold compresses can work as well. There are even herbal compresses that are specifically designed with ingredients that can help to soothe your sore breasts and to relieve engorgement. There are also herbal creams that, while they may not relieve the engorgement directly, will help to open up milk ducts, and can help the process of breastfeeding in general.

One of the best ways to treat your breast engorgement naturally is to make sure that your breasts are being emptied. Nursing more frequently will often do the trick. Expressing or pumping your breasts is also an option, if your baby doesn’t nurse long enough to soften both breasts. Avoiding supplementing breast milk with water or formula may help, as well.