Medications Safe To Take During The Second Trimester

There are a lot of medications that are safe to take during the second trimester and the entire pregnancy, but you need to know what they are because not all medications are safe for your fetus. Most doctors will give you a worksheet with a variety of complaints you might experience during the second trimester and the medications that are safe to take. You dont want to have to call the doctor every time you have heartburn, constipation, or morning sickness to find out what is ok or not. That is why they give you the sheet with the information. However, if you ever have a question or just arent sure then dont take a medication and hope for the best. Call your doctor and make sure it is ok first. This is your baby we are talking about and there are no stupid questions when you are doing your best to protect your unborn child. The following medications are pre-approved for use during the second trimester. However, make sure you discuss these with your doctor first as well as any prescriptions or herbs you might want to take.

If you have a sore throat then a safe medicine to take is Chloroseptic Spray. A salt water gurgle, however, is cheaper and just as effective if not more so. If you have a fever contact your doctor.

For a stuffy nose take one or two tablets of Sudafed or Chlortrimeton every six hours.

If you have a cough then you may safely take two teaspoons, three times per day of Robitussin DM.

Headaches respond well to Tylenol or acetaminophen during pregnancy. Two tablets ever four to six hours should do the trick.

TUMS work really great for indigestion. Dont take more than is recommended however. These also work for leg cramps.

Heartburn may be treated with Maalox Plus used 30 minutes before each meal.

Prenatal vitamins are also recommended during pregnancy and are perfectly safe. Just make sure it has the recommended amount of folic acid. Even if you have morning sickness find a way to take your prenatal vitamin so it doesnt make you nauseous. Many women find that taking it before bed works best. If you have questions about other medicines during pregnancy please discuss them with your doctor.