Making Personal Christmas Gifts

There are many reasons that you might want to make some personal Christmas gifts this holiday season. It could be that you have someone who is very difficult to buy for. It might be that you want to communicate a very special feeling to someone. Or, it may even be that you are hoping to scale down your Christmas budget a bit, and to make things a little less materialistic for your family. Here are several personal Christmas gifts that you can make:

Customized Gingerbread people. You can make gingerbread men, women, and kids, and you can decorate them to resemble the person or people who are going to receive them. you can even put their names on them, or their initials if there is not enough room for their whole name. These are excellent personal Christmas gifts when you are going to be visiting another family.

Name poems. Name poems are excellent personal Christmas gifts, and very easy to make. You simply use a person’s first or last name to make a poem for her. If her name is Sally, she might be Sweet Active Loving Loved Young. You can then decorate the poem in any number of ways, such as printing it on the computer or coloring it by hand, and place it into a nice picture frame.

Photographic gifts. There are a good number of personal Christmas gifts that you can make with photographs. You can make a photo album of your family and include family recipes, for example. Or, you can decoupage an ornament with photographs. You might even make a “special friend” photo album, in which you include only pictures of you with the recipient. You can make the photo albums from any number of kits, or at home using rag board and colored paper.

Homemade books. This one is especially fun for children to help with. You essentily use two pieces of 9 ½ by 6 inch cardboard to serve as your book covers. You can then use white paper, folded into quarters and cut along the top, as the pages of the book. You can use a hole puncher and string to hold the book together. The book can be a “you-and-me” book, where you make the book about topics that the giver and recipient have in common. For example, one page might be “my favorite movies” and the other page might be “your favorite movies.”

With a little effort, you can make fun and personal Christmas gifts that will be cherished for a long time.