Making Christmas Traditions That Last a Lifetime

As they get older and start to have families of their own, many people look back with fondness on the Christmas traditions that their family followed. From simple things, such as opening just a single gift on Christmas Eve as a teaser for the big day, to making homemade cookies, to shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, there are nearly as many Christmas traditions as there are families. Making Christmas traditions that last a lifetime for your family can be a very special part of the holiday season.

First it is important to realize that those long-lasting Christmas traditions often start by accident. One family, for example, always eats Chinese take-out on Christmas Eve. This all started one year when the couple was first married, and things were so hectic on Christmas Eve that they decided to go out for dinner. Of course, no place was open all around the entire town. Finally, they came across a small Chinese take-out place. Every year thereafter, even after the children came, they eat Chinese on Christmas eve.

You can also create your own Christmas traditions. You can look at the traditions that your family and your spouse’s family had when you were growing up. The ones that you still have fond memories of have already lasted your lifetime. You can look at them together, and talk about which ones you will keep as a new family, and which ones can go by the wayside. You can also start thinking about traditions that you have heard that other families practice, and add them to the list. Then, you need to think about how those traditions work with your family. If you have children or plan to have children, how will they fit in with those traditions?

You should also always be open to new traditions. As you talk to other families or read stories of other families, you might find Christmas traditions that sound appealing. Try them out one year, and if they don’t work for your family or your family just doesn’t enjoy them, try something else next year.