Lower back pain in the first trimester – cause and “cure”

Lower back pain is just another part of pregnancy for many pregnant women; however it doesnt make pregnancy any easier. There are no clear answers why back pain occurs in the first trimester although that is the first sign of pregnancy for many women. Sometimes the hormones produced by pregnancy affect the lower back and cause pain, other times the spine is out of alignment, and still other times there are is no visible reason for lower back pain.

The cure for lower back pain during your first trimester and even throughout the rest of your pregnancy is to do pelvic tilts. Its not good to lie flat on your back later in your pregnancy because the weight of your uterus and press on the vena cava, but pelvic tilts are a good cure for lower back pain.

Another thing you can do to help reduce back pain in the first trimester of pregnancy is to try and avoid gaining too much weight, wear flat heeled shoes, maintain proper posture, and do your best to get enough rest. Lower back exercises like pelvic tilts and others will help strengthen the back and reduce back pain.

Chiropractic adjustments are also a way to get relief from lower back pain. Not many pregnant women are aware that they can visit a chiropractor while pregnant, but it is a great way to relieve lower back pain and other aches and pains. Just look for a chiropractor who specializes with pregnant women.

A massage is another way to help cure lower back pain during the first trimester as well as throughout the pregnancy.

Before seeking any treatment for lower back pain make sure you talk to your OB/GYN to see what they recommend and if there is anything more serious going on. Otherwise, any o f above suggestions will possibly work for you and you can try any one or all of them in an attempt to find relief from lower back pain during pregnancy.