Learning To Use the Computer in Kindergarten

Believe it or not but kindergarten classrooms across the nation are outfitted with computers for the students use. This is amazing to many parents who remember their own kindergarten days that were full of story time and recess. Today, however, students are learning to use the computer as early as kindergarten and for many they arent exactly learning to use the computer but rather enhancing their already basic skills.

Today many families across the nation have computers. As a result kids are learning earlier and earlier how to work the computer. They know how to insert CDs into the CD-ROM, how to start games, and play. Not only are they learning basic computer skills but they are also learning from the educational games they are playing. So, it is only normal that in this day and age of technology that children would use the computer in kindergarten.

Of course, many children arrive in kindergarten and have never used a computer just as many arrive completely computer savvy. The result is the teacher teaches the students how to use the computer, turn it on and off, insert games, play them, and the like. The students who already know how to do these things dont really mind an overview and the ones that dont are anxious to learn.

Most of the time the computers are used in kindergarten classrooms to teach reading, writing, math, and basic technology. Kids love using the computer and feel very grown up. In addition, they are increasing their computer skills while learning valuable information. Many schools also use computers in the kindergarten classroom as part of daily stations. Kids could rotate stations and choose to play games on the computer or practice specific skills.

The rate of kindergarteners using computers in the classroom increases each and every year. And, as the country becomes more technologically advanced it seems this trend will continue for some time. More than likely the access to computers at this young age will benefit the children and help then develop an appreciation for computers as well as learn certain themes from different subjects more rapidly.