Is My Breast Milk Causing My Infant To Suffer With Colic?

If your baby suffers from colic and you are breastfeeding then you have probably wondered on more than one occasion if your milk is to blame. The answer is that it is not and your baby just has colic because he does. However, there may be some things in your diet that exacerbate the colic that you could avoid.

For example, onions, cabbage, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, nuts, and any other gas causing foods may make your baby gassy. However, that does not mean your breast milk is causing your infant to suffer with colic. It just means that your baby is sensitive to one of those foods. You can try eliminating them all from your diet and then gradually adding them back in one at a time to see what the offending food is.

However, sometimes babies just have colic and there is nothing you can do to cure them until it has run its course. Your pediatrician might tell you it is your breast milk or something you are eating, but just remember there is nothing better you can feed your baby than breast milk. Eliminating some foods from your diet might help your babys gassiness or it might not. Just give it a try and see if it works. However, remember that many babies suffer from colic and no change in diet or other remedy works to alleviate the symptoms.

If your baby does have colic, which is defined by three hours or more of consecutive crying for at least three days per week, then you should try all the approved remedies to see if something works. If nothing does then you are just on your own until your baby grows out of it. Most parents cant believe there is no cure for colic much less that doctors dont even know for sure what causes it. However it will eventually pass and you will have that cute little baby you have been dreaming about. So, hang in there, try the remedies, and just keep on loving your bundle of joy because it will get easier.