Is It Safe To Exercise During The Third Trimester?

Exercise is important all through a person’s life and pregnancy is no different. The question is not whether it’s safe to exercise in during the third trimester, but what kind of activity is safe.

Pregnancy is a stage in a woman’s life when her body is not entirely her own. She has to be mindful at all times of the life growing inside of her. Her diet needs to be nutritious and varied and she needs to maintain a level of activity that will keep her body supple enough to support the extra weight she will be carrying.

Exercising during pregnancy is an excellent way of boosting energy and improving frame of mind. Additionally, it helps in maintaining good posture because the added weight of the baby will cause back, shoulder and leg pain. Exercise has the wonderful benefit of promoting better sleep as well, and that’s always a valuable thing to a woman who potentially has a period of sleep deprivation ahead of her! Maintaining muscle tone and strength is another benefit of exercising as during labor, the mother will need to draw on those reserves to deliver her baby.

Women who are in good general health and whose pregnancies have progressed normally for the first two trimesters are encouraged to exercise within comfortable limits. Walking is an excellent way to keep up fitness and dancing can be a great deal of fun. Putting on some upbeat music while doing housework is one of the best ways to elevate the heart rate and be productive at the same time!

Before embarking on any kind of exercise program, it’s always advised to check with your doctor first. This ensures that he is aware of the kinds of activities you intend to do and he can provide guidance and even make suggestions.

From about half way through the pregnancy, you should avoid any exercises that require you to lie on your back, to avoid placing any undue stress on your spine. Always drink lots of water to keep dehydration at bay and don’t do any strenuous activities during hot, humid weather. You should always avoid overheating your body when pregnant. Loose, comfortable clothing is a must, as is a well-fitting, supportive bra that will keep your breasts from moving around too much.

Whenever you participate in any form of exercise over and above your daily activities, you may notice that you’re hungrier. This is logical considering you’re burning extra calories, so replace them by eating a nutritious meal afterwards.

Any activities that involve sudden, sharp movements, or jumping and bouncing should be avoided. The last thing you want when you’re heavily pregnant is anything that will cause you an injury or any kind of discomfort that wasn’t there before. The idea of exercise is to feel better, not worse!