Insomnia During the First Trimester

Insomnia during the first trimester or pregnancy is common, but it becomes even more common as the pregnancy progresses. There are many reasons that women have insomnia while they are pregnant. A brief review of just a few of them will help you better understand why its hard for pregnant women to get some sleep.

Leg Cramps
Many pregnant women experience leg cramps during the night hours when they should be asleep. The sudden pain wakes them and then keeps them awake for hours or even the whole night.

Bathroom Trips
Its amazing how often a pregnant woman has to go to the bathroom. People hear about it but never really understand it until they are pregnant themselves. Waking up every half hour to pee makes it pretty hard to get good and asleep in the first place. Avoiding beverages an hour or so before bed might help relieve this problem.

Cant Get Comfortable
Many pregnant women have difficulty getting comfortable. Some because of their growing belly and others because of their overly tender breasts and still other women must contend with both of these symptoms. Using lots of pillows to support your body will help you find a comfortable position for sleep.

Most pregnant women experience anxiety over their impending arrival. Most worry about their baby developing well, if his heart is still beating, and if they will make it out of the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is dramatically reduced.

The most important thing is to try and not worry too much about insomnia as it will only make it worse. Instead, do your best to relax before going to bed and make sure your home is a comfortable temperature and that your room is dark and quiet. Turn off the phone ringer, take a hot bath, get a massage, or do whatever it takes to relax. Then you will be better able to fall asleep and hopefully stay that way for most of the night. If not, realize insomnia is part of pregnancy and it will eventually go away.