Ideas for Vacation Sharing

When the economy is down so is everyone’s mood. However, that doesn’t mean that vacations aren’t still a great way to spend time with family and enjoy some much needed time away from the doom and gloom of the economy. If you want to take an awesome vacation, but don’t want to spend too much money, then consider sharing your vacation with another family. This could be your extended family or you could even take the trip with close friends. Either way, when you share your vacation with another family you will have the same experience at half the price!

House Rental

If you rent a large house then you will only pay half while the other family pays half. Sure, the price of renting a larger house for a week will be more than renting a smaller home, but when you cut the price in half you still are ahead! For example, a small house on the beach might run $1200 for the week. However, a larger house might run $1800 for the week. When you divide this by two each family only pays $900 for the house rental. That’s a savings of $300 that could easily be spent on activities, shopping, dining out, or other fun things.


Carpooling is another way to save money. If one of the families has a large SUV or van then everyone traveling together is more affordable. Just pay half the gas and you will see big savings on transpiration, too.


Sharing meals is another way to save. Each night a different family may be responsible for a meal. Or, the two families could go shopping for groceries and then everyone eat from the common food. Eating more meals together will result in healthier food choices at much better prices than dining out.

Sharing a vacation with another family might not be your first choice, but when you see how much money you can save you will quickly see that sharing a vacation during a down economy is a smart thing to do. Not to mention, many times the kids will be happier because they will have friends to play with. This is a great way to have fun and save money!