How Will Discipline Differ As Our Children Get Older?

When your children are young discipline is fairly easy. First of all, your children dont get into too much trouble and discipline consists mainly of the word No. However, this changes as your child grows older and with each and every year you will find that it is more difficult to discipline your child. Not to mention your child gets into problems you never imagined, which makes it even more difficult to discipline them because you dont know what discipline to dole out. Yet, somehow parents manage to get through the toddler, elementary, and teen years with few problems and for the most part well disciplined children.

Generally, as your child becomes a toddler you will tell them what they are allowed to do and correct them when they are doing something wrong. This guidance helps them as they grow older to know what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. Then, when your child is in elementary school you will probably utilize timeouts as the main form of punishment or perhaps take away your childs favorite toy. These types of punishments work well for this age range and let children know that there actions have consequences and punishment is one of them if they make the wrong choice. Training your child in what is right and wrong takes time and patience, but utilizing these forms of punishments really helps the child realize what is right and what is not.

Then, when your child hits the teen years you will find that although you have been disciplining your child for years and training them to behave properly that all of a sudden the biggest challenges are occurring. Your child gives in to peer pressure, makes poor choices, does poorly in school, and the like. You discipline these actions by taking away privileges like cell phones, computer time, television, the car, and whatever your child likes the most. Most of the time this type of discipline works well on this age range. Sometimes, however, it does not. If your child does not react well to this type of discipline then you will need to find something your child does react to. It is of utmost importance to ensure that your child is disciplined because if he is not his behavior will go downhill and he will believe he can do anything with no repercussions or consequences whatsoever.

Discipline changes as your child grows and you will find that one child might react well to certain types of discipline while other children react to other types. It is your role as a parent to determine what discipline will work best for your child and then make sure you dole it out as needed.