How to Throw the Best Thanksgiving Party

If you want to throw the best Thanksgiving party ever then you need to come up with the right ingredients. These may differ for different family and friends, but some of the basic elements will remain the same. The following tips should have you well on your way to planning the best Thanksgiving party ever.

If you really want to have the best Thanksgiving party ever then you need to have lots of food! Most people plan on stuffing themselves just as much as the holiday bird so cook extra. You will need to have plenty of turkey, ham, sides, bread, and more desserts than you think are enough! Remember to always cook enough that if some unexpected guests show up you still have plenty. Eating leftovers for the next several days is part of Thanksgiving tradition anyway so having extra wont hurt any!

Keep in mind you want to serve the traditional Thanksgiving foods, but there is nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit and adding some cultural foods or some of your favorites that arent traditional. Who knows, they might just become tradition over time!

To really loosen folks up consider having some wine, liquor, or beer on hand. In fact, you could even plan on just wine, just mixed drinks, beer, or a mixture of the above. If you dont want to go to too much trouble then choose a drink that complements the meal and stock up on that particular one. As long as your guests can have a drink or two they will relax and really enjoy the party. Just be careful because you dont want to let your guests get drunk before the meal. Then they might not have room to eat or else cause a scene. So, serve drinks just a bit before dinner or offer them afterwards. Its your party so you have control!

Unless you are only inviting sports loathing individuals to your Thanksgiving party you need to make sure you have a comfortable and spacious area where guests can see the football games going on. Watching sports on Thanksgiving Day is frequently what many individuals look forward to the most, so you dont want to deprive anyone of that. You can even include sports watching in the party atmosphere or try and schedule your party so it doesnt interfere with an important game.

And finally, the best Thanksgiving parties of all are due to the company present. Do your best to invite just enough people but not too many so that the atmosphere is comfortable and enjoyable. Also, avoid inviting people who dont get along well with others or you for that matter. While Thanksgiving is traditionally a family holiday you actually want to enjoy the day so be careful about who you invite.