How to Know if My Toddler is Gifted

We all want to think that we have the most intelligent children in the world. But, how do we know if our children really are gifted or if we are just biased because they are our children? Of course, many parents would tell you that their children are very smart for their age, but those same people might have to pause for thought if you asked if their children were gifted. Chances are, if you think your child may be gifted they probably are.

Recognizing the Gifted Toddler

We all want to think that our child is the most special of any of their peers, but this is different than being gifted. Some of the signs that your child may be gifted include things such as:

∙ Reaching developmental milestones ahead of their peers
∙ Has a special talent such as drawing or working with numbers
∙ Has a very advanced vocabulary or is further along in their language development than most children
∙ Is very curious and is always asking questions
∙ Is active but not hyperactive
∙ The child has the ability to concentrate on things for long periods of time
∙ Has a very vivid imagination
∙ The child has great memorization and recall abilities

There are other symptoms of giftedness in toddlers but these are the most common and the easiest to recognize. Many parents want to have their toddler’s tested to determine if they are gifted, but this usually isn’t necessary. The only time when it is really necessary is if the doctor thinks that there may also be other issues that need to be dealt with, such as autism. What many people don’t know is that giftedness is often associated with disabilities such as different forms of autism. If a doctor thinks that there may be some other issues they may have giftedness tested, but this is not always the case.

Many parents request for IQ tests to be given to their toddlers. While it would be nice to know what your toddlers IQ is, research has proven that tests given before the age of five really are unstable and not a good determination of true intelligence. Therefore, it is better to wait until a child is at least five to test them for giftedness in any way, and by that time it will probably be evident whether the child is gifted or not.

Being gifted can be a blessing and a curse. Many children who are gifted thrive socially and in all other areas of their lives. Some toddler’s begin to feel that they are different than other kids and they begin to withdrawal from social activities and don’t ever really learn to connect with others. As a parent of a gifted child, be sure to support their interests and their intelligence, but also remember that it is important for the child to be a child, and part of being a child is playing with their peers and having a good time.