How To Handle Temper Tantrums When Potty-Training

Temper tampers are just part of toddlerhood. In fact, most toddlers have temper tantrums on a semi regular basis. This behavior is certainly undesirable and needs to be corrected, but how do you do so? Also, how do you not only handle temper tantrums but potty training at the same time? This can be a very difficult situation for parents who dont know what to do or how to keep their children from acting out, especially during potty training.

Why do Tantrums Occur?
Most frequently children have temper tantrums because they do not have the vocabulary to adequately express themselves. The result is a temper tantrum that parents dont know how to handle. Most of the time your child has a temper tantrum because he/she wants to express some feeling or emotion and cannot adequately do it with words. Other times tantrums occur when the childs needs are not being met or there is excessive pressure.

If a tantrum does occur make sure you back off and stop pressuring your child. Allow your toddler to calm down and then talk to him about his feelings. Ask him yes and no questions so that he can respond to you without having to vocalize too much. Doing this will help you clear up some of the problems and let you know how your child really feels.

Potty Training and Tantrums
Potty training is a well known hot button with many children and more often than not your child will have a temper tantrum during the potty training process if he is not ready or simply cannot vocalize his feelings. If your child is having frequent temper tantrums during potty training you need to acknowledge your childs feelings although you may not know exactly what they are and simply back off from potty training for a while.

It is very likely that your child is not ready for potty training, whether psychologically or physically or both. So, keep this in mind when tantrums occur. You dont want to push your child during the potty training process and if emotions are running high with your child you will simply need to give the potty training process a break.

When to Start Potty Training Again
It is a good idea to start potty training again once your child has developed more of an interest in the process and can express through words that he needs to go potty. Children need to be in charge of the potty training process, not parents, and when this is the case fewer temper tantrums will be seen and the potty training process will go much smoother.