How To Deal With Toddler Temper Tantrums

Toddlers have temper tantrums, sometimes on an hourly basis! So, how are you supposed to deal with this potentially embarrassing display of emotion? One great way to handle tantrums is to keep them from happening. You may be thinking, “yeah, right,” and you would be right to some degree to think that. However, tantrums are usually provoked by toddlers who are over tired or over hungry. When they are at these stages they lose control over anything minor like you telling them to put their shoes on, asking them to share, or anything really. So, the best way to keep your toddler from having tantrums is to make sure they get plenty of sleep every night and go down for a nap at the same time every day. Feed them breakfast, lunch, and snacks so they will always be full and have plenty of energy.

Now, when a toddler has a tantrum you will be better prepared to handle it because you know they are full and well rested. Generally, you should take your child out of the situation. Yelling, hitting, and time outs rarely work during a temper tantrum because the child is already over stimulated. It’s best to take your child outside and distract them with the flowers, birds, or whatever. Or, redirect your child to a new activity like baking, dancing, or something similar. This won’t always work, but it will quite frequently. When you find that all of your best efforts aren’t helping you may consider just letting your child have his tantrum. If he is in a safe place tell him you will be back when he calms down. When he realizes that you are leaving him and his tantrum is actually losing your attention rather than gaining it then you may see he calms down enough for you to be able to pick him up and soothe him.

As toddlers develop vocanular4y they have fewer tantrums because they can explain to you what they want rather than writing on the floor hoping you will figure it out. It is a frustrating stage and can be quite embarrassing when it happens in a public place. However, just relax and understand your child is trying to tell you something in the only way he knows how. Also, keep in mind the majority of people watching the tantrum either have or have had toddlers and they totally understand what you are going through. They don’t think you are a bad parent or that your child is crazy, that’s all in your head. Take it all in stride and you will see that the stage goes by and new stages arise that must be dealt with in new ways.