How To Break A Toddler Of Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is great for families because it allows everyone to get more sleep and makes nursing at night easy on mom. However, there comes a time when parents are ready to have their bed back and co sleeping ends. This is tough for a toddler who is used to snuggling up with his parents every night. He enjoys the closeness, the warmth, and the security. So, ending co sleeping can be quite devastating to a little one. There are quite a few ways to go about making the transition so that it is smooth and easier on the toddler.


You need to find a toy or blanket that can become your child’s new security object. Let them pick out their favorite or help them make a choice. Some kids may already have their special object, but if not help your little one pick something that is not too big yet large enough that it can be snuggled. Get them used to sleeping with it every night so that when you finally make the change they will feel secure with their security object.

Big Boy Bed

Take your child shopping for a big boy/girl bed. You can let them pick out their favorite or else let them pick out their sheets or room decorations. This will allow them to feel like they have control over their room ad sleeping arrangements and they will love picking out the theme for their room.


You will need to put your little one down in their room on their bed every single night at the same time. If your toddler wakes up, go to him and reassure him. Pat him on the back and have him calm down. Don’t like down with him because you will only be reinforcing the co-sleeping, just in a new location.

It truly is challenge to break a toddler from co sleeping. In fact, it is difficult to break a toddler from anything. However, it is completely possible for the parents that are willing to put forth the effort to do so. Remember, when your toddler sleeps in his own room you will probably sleep better and you will have your spouse back, too!