How Much Should My Toddler Be Sleeping?

Toddlers need a lot of sleep. They don’t need as much sleep as an infant, but they need a great deal more than many parents realize. Frequently, sleepy toddlers are the reason for tantrums and bad behavior. So, make sure your toddler is getting the recommended amount of sleep, which is 14 hours per day. IF you aren’t sure your child is getting enough sleep then talk to your child’s pediatrician.


Your child should get about 12 hours a sleep each night. IF your toddler is not sleeping that much at night then they should take longer naps. Most toddlers will sleep 12 hrs straight at night if you put them down early enough. This might affect your schedule somewhat, but it really is what is best for your toddler so you should give it a try. You will find your child wakes up on their own every morning without you having to wake them up. They will be more rested and happier!


Most toddlers take one afternoon nap per day. If your child is taking two naps per day then they will either take shorter naps or sleep less at night and take longer naps. By 18 months most toddlers simply take one afternoon nap for about 2 hours, give or take a little bit.

This is a great schedule for toddlers because they get most of their sleep at night and then a great nap during the afternoon. They will feel happier and you will have fewer behavior problems when your child is well rested. A typical schedule for a toddler is to go to bed at 8 pm and wake up at 8 am. Then, take a 2-hour nap at 1 pm. Some toddlers go to bed as early as 6:30 pm or 7Pm because their parents work and must get them up early to go to daycare. You must decide what schedule works best for your family, but try and make sure your little one gets enough sleep. Everyone in the family will be much happier and your toddler will be easier to get along with! Not to mention, you will have more free time at night to do the things you need to because your toddler will be snoozing.